Practice FRC Kick-Off

Today we gathered in the classroom to hold a practice for the upcoming FRC Kick-Off. You might wonder what there is to practice about driving to TCC to watch a video revealing this year’s FRC game (I’ve been practicing my excitement for months), but the practice is really for what happens after. After the Kick-Off, we’ll drive back here to the classroom and brainstorm for the season. Once the Kick-Off happens, we only have 45 days to design, build, and test our robot. So we need to get started early. Today was just a practice for what we’ll be doing at the Kick-Off.

In order to practice our brainstorming, we used the FRC game from 2006: Aim High. Dr. Scheer printed out all the rules and introduction material, and we started out by watching the ’06 game video. After that, we broke into groups to read through the rules and discuss strategy. Everyone skimmed different sections of the rules, and by asking each other questions, we managed to obtain a collective understanding of loopholes, penalties, and scoring strategies.

After developing various strategies, each group designed a robot and presented it to the class.