Day 3: CAD, CAD, CAD…

Day 3 dawned bright and early this morning with Design Team and a few others arriving at Nolan at the insanely early hour of 8 AM. School doesn’t start back up until tomorrow, so we should’ve been able to sleep in…

Anyway, Day 3, or technically Day 2 for us, as we didn’t work yesterday…Day 3 was another day of CADing, using Solidworks. Kyle, Zach, Antonio, and Mark spent almost 6 hours working in Solidworks. The rest of us tried to get things done in preparation for the build. We looked at parts on FIRST Choice, managed to get the shop all messy, and redesigned the tote delivery system over an over on the dry erase boards.

I got a bit of a lesson today. I decided that perhaps it might be a good idea to test out all of the new electronics, so I rounded up a group of people with the same electronics experience as me (none). However, Garreth, Alejandro, Jarz, and I were able to get it all together (after 4 hours of work…).

So it was a good day.