Playoff matches at the 2015 Utah Regional

I had a great opportunity to watch all of the playoff matches at the Utah regional while visiting my daughter in SLC.

We arrived about a half hour before they started and she humored me as we checked out safety glasses and strolled through the pits.  I cheered on the number one seed, Team Cryptonite, FRC 624, from Katy, TX. They chose the number two seed, FRC 1619 out of Longmont, CO, and the number 49th seed, FRC 4334 out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I love the great scouting that these teams did. To pick the 49/53 seed to be on your alliance because they can do exactly what you need to win?  Wow!  Their alliance won handily. 

I also got to see a few of the teams that we will be competing with at the Colorado Regional in a week and a half. 

We had a great time.  I love FIRST Robotics!  (Now my daughter does too.)