The Robo Vikes have started a new project of creating a demonstration robot or as we call it a “demobot” for various events. Making this demobot will be useful in more than one way. It can inspire young minds be interested in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math), provide as a learning experience for the team, and it will be an open door for success.

We have already brainstormed and designed it using CAD (Computer Aided Design.) Currently we are making revisions and prototyping so it will be ready for our first event, a Halloween party at Southwest Airlines. The theme is The Nightmare Before Christmas so we will be making the robot look like the dog,”Zero.”

Our hope with this robot is to show others some of the cool things the RoboVikes do with not only technology but with outreach as well. Team member David Yokell has generated a series of CAD images depicting the base unit.