FTC Kickoff

Today was the First Tech Challenge(FTC) kickoff for everyone participating in FTC!  The game video was released and today is the first day to start brainstorming and building.

We hosted the FTC kickoff here at Nolan for the first time. Other teams, as well as our own Team 10443, attended to watch and listen to the new game being revealed. Mr.Depta and Dr.Scheer started the kickoff with an engineering prayer, followed by Dr. Carter Tiernan, UTA professor, taking questions about the various aspects of FTC and the competition.

At the end everyone watched the video explaining the game this as well was followed up by Mrs.Tiernan taking questions from the multiple teams and mentors.The new game for this year is called Velocity Vortex,in this game there are two alliances a red and blue team. These two teams are competing to score the most points by shooting the particles in to the corner or center vortex. They can also claim beacons lift a cap ball or cap the center vortex. Below is the link to the FTC website showing the game and season.


It was a lot of fun to see so many people excited as we are about the start of the FTC season. We plan to start working on the robot at our first meeting this Tuesday, September 13th.


-Adrianna Araujo and Cristina Cross