UTA Marketing Class

This summer the RoboVikes were assisted by marketing students from the University of Texas at Arlington. Benny Araujo,a RoboVikes parent, mentor, and alumni of both Nolan and UTA contacted the marketing department to see if a class could study the RoboVikes and find ways to help them excel in the marketing aspect of their team.

Luckily, Professor Chonko gladly took the project. Alejandro Araujo, Joey Bickett, Matthew Ross, and David Yokel collaborated to make a powerpoint and went on the first day of class to present it to give the students a better understanding of the team and how they could help. During the course of the summer semester the students in the class got in groups and came up with ways to assist the team.

Half way through the summer the students presented what they had come up with so far to the same group that presented the information about the RoboVikes along with Mr.Araujo, Mr.Depta, and Dr.Scheer. The powerpoints were all excellent especially for only being “rough drafts.” Several of the groups even held back some information that they were so excited about they thought it would be best if it were a surprise.

Not only did Professor Chonko let us sit in on the presentations he also invited us to come during the year when they had class so we could hear his lectures and take notes for our own use. We went a couple times a week and left with some very valuable knowledge.

At the end of the summer semester we went back to hear their final presentations. They were all excellent and very useful. In the next year or so we will try to implement as many of their ideas as we can. Some of the surprises included new logos and slogans. At the end of the class Dr. Scheer gave the students Robo Vikes cups so they can forever remember us and how much they helped out.Below is a picture of the class with us.