Shop Safety

One thing that our team tries to always be conscious of is shop safety. We have come up with various rules and procedures we follow to make sure we stay safe.

These things include…

  • Supervisors, we must have an adult in the shop and classroom at all times to make sure we have someone present in case anything were to happen or occur.
  • Safety glasses, are required when tools are in use.
  • No ID’s, hanging clothing, or loose hair, this is a hazard when using shop tools and could cause injury.
  • Unplug all tools after you are done with them.
  • Clear work area, this is essential to make sure nothing interferes or damages what you are working on.

When using any tool in the shop it is crucial to know how to use it, extra safety precautions associated with that tool, and if you don’t know you should always ask.

Last year a committee of team members on the Robo Vikes came up with mini safety kits that they passed out to every team at competitions. These kits included band aids, hair ties,gloves, and wipes.

Overall, the Robo Vikes use these rules to stay safe and prevent accidents.