Local Team Kickoff

It is a new year at Nolan Catholic High School which also means it is a new season for the Robo Vikes. To help get the year started, the Robo Vikes held a team kickoff at Nolan where it gave the opportunity for new students and parents to learn more about the team.

At the kickoff, led by Dr. Scheer and Mr. Depta, topics were discussed to the groups of students and parents who had shown up to learn more about Robo Vikes. The audience learned about who the Robo Vikes are, what competitions they are involved in, and how excited they are to get the season started.

A very important characteristic to the team is how much the organization is run by the students themselves. During the presentation, several students led discussions about what competition they will be leading or even projects that they are assigned to help get ready for the big competition, known as FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). The students are really proud about how much the team is student dominated when questioned who really runs the program.

The students and team coaches are all excited for the start of the new season and cannot wait to go out there and compete.