New Logo


As written in the previous newsletter, our team recieved some help from a UTA marketing class (click here to read the article). Several of the teams helping us out suggested that we work on our branding. So to that end we have a couple of new logos.  One of the teams produced some new and original logos for our team. One of the logos features a large “R V” which stands for Robo Vikes. This logo is classic. Its simple and looks great. I like to compare it to logos like Nike or adidas that are simple but are easily noticed and distinguishable. The other logo was inspired by Transformers. It is a fresh take on our original logo. It is also featured in the Snapchat filters at Nolan. We are working on standardizing the different logos for our merchandise. They both look great and we are looking forward to using them. If you have any suggestions feel free to let us know.