FTC Update


The FTC competition Velocity Vortex kicks off in just ten days! The robovikes FTC team 10443 is working hard to finish their robot before competition day. Joey Bickett and his team first went through three main designs before they found the one that would best fit the competition. So far the team has completed the aluminum frame of the robot. They decided to go with a tank drivetrain which allows for speed and is easy to control. They set up the tank drivetrain with a motor and gearbox on the left and right side  of the robot. This controls each set of wheels which they decided to connect to the motor using belts instead of chains. They chose to use omni wheels for two reasons. First, it will allow for great maneuverability. Second, this event will not require a lot of traction. The team has also setup all the electronics and attached them to the robot. Currently they are finishing up a spindle run by a servo that will be used to collect the balls known as particles in the competition. They are also finishing up a catapult which will be used to launch the particles into the central vortex and sensors that will be used to pick the right color on the beacons during the competition. Once the team has completed these last few items on the robot construction list they will begin focusing on programming. This will take up most of the time over these next ten days.