In the previous newsletter, we discussed some about we did over the summer, but we didn’t cover everything because we had so many other stories that we wanted to update you on. To read the summer story from the previous newsletter, click here.

As we said, it was a very busy summer.  We wanted to get a jump on what we knew would be a busy time before our actual build season.  We had planned on launching our first newsletter, a new logo, a new slogan, our demonstration robot and other initiatives mentioned in this issue.  So here’s some of the other things that we did.

Back in July we reorganized our storage shipping container. We emptied everything out,


Our organized container!

got rid of things that we didn’t need, and organized all the materials we did need. We bought shelves to put in the container to better organize everything. After long hours and hard work, we finished organizing. It looks great and now it is much easier and safer to to access materials in the shipping container. We are going to organize the shop as soon as we are finished with the demobot. Thank you to everyone who sacrificed a day of their summer to help out with this!

These past couple of years our team has lost many talented senior classes and with them when their knowledge, experience, and wisdom. While our team is talented, we are very inexperienced. To prepare us for the upcoming season we hosted a boot camp for current and new Robo Vikes.  One of our mentors, Mr. Bickett, recruited some of of his co-workers to teach us how to use our milling machine and our TIG welder. In addition, one of our former members, Ben Shields, came to teach us about control systems and programming. They were very helpful and our team is much better off because this boot camp.  Thank you Mr. Bickett, Mr. Sellers, Mr. Baker, and Ben!