Summer Boot Camp

The hardest, but most useful skill on a team is recognizing where areas need to be improved, in spite of great success in some of those areas. This is especially hard to achieve, when so many of our most skilled team members are leaving, and we are left scratching our heads, and not knowing what we can, and can’t do. This became a problem, because we had juniors about to become seniors, that have no idea how to fill the shoes of those who had already graduated. We realized that a training course would be highly beneficial to our team, now and in later years. So during June, we instituted a week long training course, for 3 or so hours per day. Team members learn milling, lathe use, welding, and other skills. Last year, we brought in two specialists, Virgil Sellers and Larry Baker, from Gardner Denver, who taught us how to weld and mill properly. We hope to have the same providence next year, in garnering mentors. In the future, we plan to increase the training area, from just machining, to marketing and programming.

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