The Mechanical Mentor Kevin LaPerriere

Kevin LaPerriere is a mentor for the Robo Vikes and this year will be his 5th season with the Robo Vimg_8221ikes.  He used to be a mentor for team 2948 before their school stopped the FRC team and he was introduced to the team by the FIRST Senior Mentor who put Kevin in contact with Dr. Scheer and he came to work for the Robo Vikes.  Kevin’s background is in machining and automated manufacturing assembly processes.  He has a bachelor degree in Manufacturing Engineering Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology and last summer he received his MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.  Kevin mentors mostly in the machine shop however now that he changed jobs and is living in Dallas he plans to be more active in helping with major awards such as the Chairman’s Award and wants to help with troubleshoot and write code.  His favorite moments here at Nolan are ones where he can build relationships with the students here such as seeing students that he mentored come to Lockheed Martin as interns while he was working there.  He said that it was pretty cool seeing kids who were just figuring out how to use SolidWorks a few
img_8217years ago making their way into industry as engineers.  Kevin has been to about 10 or more FRC regional championships and the world championship and says that the competitions are intense and unique and it is something that needs to be experienced in person.  Before he joined the Robo Vikes his experience with robotics included the previous teams that he mentored and currently he has been involved on and off with FRC for about 12 years.  Kevin’s hobbies include travel and going to Boston Red Sox games.  When asked about Halloween he said that the whole Demobot experience went exceedingly well.  He was happy to see all the new faces in the shop and the effort that many of the students are making to balance sports, robotics, academics and college applications so early in the year.  Kevin said that one thing he would tell people asking about Robo Vikes is “Just do it, once you get started it’s pretty contagious and fun.”  Also in Kevin’s division at Southwest airlines he was named employee of the quarter.