A Note from the Doctor

What a great experience it is to be a part of the Robo Vikes!

Fresh on my mind is the trip we took to Southwest Airlines on October 31st, #HalloWN.  Thank you to our hosts, (especially Kevin LaPerriere!)  Please read more about him in our Mentor Spotlight.  We also ran into a couple Nolan Graduates, Ken Tran, class of 2012, himself a former Robo Vike (see the Alumni Spotlight,) and Stephanie Peterson from the class of 2012.  And… the Demobot performed great!

It was great participating in the 1st TAPPS Robotics Meet in Waco.  Thank you to Vena Williams, Steve Prudhomme, and Kelli Bay for making us feel so welcome.  We had a great time learning at the several workshops and getting caught up with some of the FLL teams (and Mike Fenoglio) from Saint Andrews School.  (I think we got them interested in starting an FTC team at their sch20161022_183209ool.)

We won!  After finishing a disappointing 25/27 in the seeding rounds of the Robot Remix, we had a chance at redemption.  We were selected to be on the 2nd seed alliance of Team CRyptonite (FRC 624) and Team Spectrum (FRC 3847).  After losing our first match during the best 2/3 series, our alliance never lost again, going 6-1 during the elimination rounds.  Did I mention we won!  Read more about that in this newsletter.

We are entering the heart of our FTC season with a meet scheduled each of the next three months.  Thanks to Joey Bickett, all the mentors, especially Joe Varnell, for helping this team through the season.  It’s a tough game and we’re excited to see how they perform.

Parents, please consider mentoring, chaperoning, and supervising our team.  We need your help!  Send an email to me at <rscheer@nchstx.org> to get involved in making us a better team.