FRC Stepping Up Its Game?

As many of you may know, FIRST has recently released a teaser video for the upcoming FRC game. To see this year’s teaser video, click here.first_steamworks_animated-768x432

The theme of this year’s game is STEAMWORKS. However, other than the theme, no other specific information on this year’s game has been released. Within the teaser video are little hints as to what this year’s game may include. The captioning is as follows:

In a world, powered by steam,

A quest awaits teams of adventurers

United your crew…                                                                                                                   

Ready your contraption…

And prepare to take flight!

Everything seems to be normal: create a team and build a robot. However, the last line sticks out. “And prepare to take flight!” Take flight? Does perhaps, this year’s game actually include getting the robot to get off the ground? This innuendo makes your skin tingle just thinking about getting the chance to build a robot that can fly, doesn’t it? However, it is still too soon to get your hopes up.

Last year’s game, STRONGHOLD, was hyped up, because many thought of a stronghold as a castle surrounded by water, therefore leading them to believe the game would involve water. However, that was not the case. The game ended up similar to what the past games were.

But do not give up hope, because this year may be the year where things change…

To give some thoughts on what this year’s challenge might be, click here.