The Ultimate Guide to Joey Bickett!!

Joey Bickett has been a part of the Nolan Catholic Robotics Team for two years. He originally joined because he did not want to do football and his parents told him he had to do something and this was something to do. Joey’s developed a passion for robotics and leads our First Tech Challenge (FTC) team as well as participates with the First Robotics Competition (FRC) team.  

The competitive nature of the competitions increased Joey’s desire to compete and he noted the participants at the competitions are dedicated, highly motivated, and display good sportsmanship. He believes that  FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), a program that advocates for the encouragement and development of robotics, does a great job of inspiring team camaraderie and the spirit of cooperation. These competitions Joey indicated are a great opportunity to see other robots designs especially in more advanced teams, such as the NASA team. At the latest FRC competition Joey saw great ideas that we could use for the FTC robot and some are already being implemented into the team’s design!

One of Joey’s favorite memories on the Robotics Team was with the FTC Robotics team last year. The team had a competition at Nolan and their robot was not getting enough traction so a team member bought shellac to grease the wheels. Eventually they had to grease the wheels before every match and Joey found this hilarious!

Besides robotics, Joey enjoys reading, biking, and writing. His favorite book to read is The Godfather and one of his favorite memories is going with his friend’s family to Florida where they  stayed close to and had fun at the beach. Joey would tell anyone who asked about joining Robotics that they should join because it is a great experience with good people. He explains that being part of the Robotics team is fun, it looks great on a college resume, and the mentors involved with the Robotics team are very awesome!