Behind the scenes look at the construction of the Demobot

img_20161111_072111999The demobot was recently finished in the past few weeks.  It was about an 8 week process, which will be eventually trimmed down to 6 weeks during the FRC build season.  The point of this demobot was not just to bring to demonstrations, but to give this team the experience they need to be successful during the FRC build season.

We began with a design meeting about mid September.  Thanks to the tireless work of David Yokell, we had a CAD of the robot the next Monday.  We used a square aluminum channel called 8020.  It had a rails on each side in which sliding nuts can be placed.  We chose this because we wanted our robot to be modular.  Because of the modularity of this robot, we can have multiple attachments for the top and damaged parts can easily be replaced.  We decided on a 6 wheel tank drive train with pneumatic wheels.  We made this choice because of the reliability and durability of
the pneumatic wheels.  We wanted to take this wheel anywhere.  After the design was finalized, the machining began.  The machining team used all the time they were allowed on the mill and lathe working hard to accurately and precisely build the various pieces.  Given the little experience our machinists had, they did an excellent job in making the pieces needed for the demobot.  The entire frame had to be held together with brackets rather than being welded because of the 8020, so that meant we needed more brackets than we would if we would have welded the frame.  We have welding capabilities but 8020 does not weld well and welding it would most likely render the rails useless because one could not fit the sliding nutsimg_20161111_072131584 into the channels.  Once everything was machined it was on to assembly.  Thanks to the hard work of the assembly team the robot was quickly assembled which allowed for testing.  Once everything was pieced together, we just had to work out a few kinks.  The control systems team did an outstanding job on the code.  They coded the robot within the first few weeks of the build.  Not only did it work, but they were able to quickly adjust it at a moments notice.

We finished the demobot just in time for Vikathon, Robot Remix, and  the Halloween party we attended at Southwest Airlines.  Stay posted for more demobot attachments.

Thank you to all the students that worked so hard to make this possible.  Your work is very much appreciated.  Also thank you to Dr. Scheer, Mr.Depta, and all the mentors that took the time to help us build this robot.  Another thank you to the parents that volunteered their time to supervise the shop and classroom so that we could spend long hours working on the robot.