Member Spotlight: David Yokell

      David Yokell has been a member of Nolan Catholic’s Robo Vikes since his freshman year, making this year his fourth and final year as a member of the team. He wanted to join the Robo Vikes because he has been interested in the engineering field ever since he was little.  People in his family, who are also engineers, mainly influenced him.  When he heard about the robotics program at Nolan Catholic, he knew that he had to join it.

        During his time with the Robo Vikes, he has had many varying roles. During his sophomore year, he was the safety captain for the team. In this role, he had to ensure the safety of his teammates. As a junior, David was the head of marketing. This year, David is the Robot Fabrication lead.

        David has been to several robotics competitions during his Robo Vikes career. During his freshman year, he went to the Dallas Regionals. His sophomore year, he went to the Dallas regionals as well as the Denver regionals in Colorado. Last year, his junior year, David went to the San Antonio regionals and the Idaho regionals, the farthest he’s ever been for a robotics competition. His favorite competition so far has been the Idaho regional.  This was his favorite competition because it was far away and because it was a very different experience.  This was the smallest competition with the least amount of teams David has been to.

        David has a lot of favorite things to do on the Robo Vikes. His favorite memory while with the Robo Vikes was winning Robo Remix, the off-season event in Houston.   While in the shop, David enjoys fabricating parts, using the machines such as the lathe and milling machine.  In the classroom, David enjoys using one of the class computers for CAD to design robots.  He also enjoys going to the FRC competitions and seeing the whole team’s hard work pay off.  He says that it is the most satisfying thing to see something they made by themselves to win a competition.

        To anyone interested in joining the Robo Vikes, David strongly suggests that they do so and get involved. The sooner they get involved, the sooner they can see the rewards. He also says that by being in the team, they can learn skills that they can use later in their life. They can learn skills such as welding.