Ball Feeder – Preseason Project



For their midterm project, Raphael Le, Matty Munro and Nate Schmidt had to build a functioning ball feeder to attach to the demobot. The main purpose of a ball feeder is to pick up balls, which it then stores for later use. The way it works is that there is a set of wheels, along an axle that is connected to a wooden frame. The wheels on the axle spin clockwise to collect a ball and roll it up a ramp that is directly attached to the robot. Then the ball will be collected on top of the robot for later use.

So far we have built a wooden frame for the feeder out of 2×4’s. There are 2 24 inch 2×4’s that parallel to each connected by a 26 inch 2×4. To attach them together, we used metal angle brackets and several wood screws. Then we drilled a one inch hole on each side of the frame directly parallel to each other. We then press fit bearings into the holes. This is where the aluminum hex shaft will rotate. Above one of the bearings, we drilled a smaller hole for the motor shaft, we then countersunk a bigger hole for the motor casing to go into. Then we bolted the motor inside the countersunk hole.  Right now we are working on using the lather to make a hex adapter for the motor shaft to attach a hex sprocket. We also need to connect the wheels to the hex shaft and put the axle onto the frame. We will then attach a hex sprocket to the hex shaft. After that, we will connect a chain to the sprocket on the motor and the sprocket on the hex shaft. This is what will spin the axle. Then we built a ramp out lexan that we still need to attach to the front of the robot. We also still need to attach the feeder to the robot by cutting an angle to the bottom of the frame and attach it using bolts and the sliders on the frame of the demobot. Once we have completed all this, the wheels on the axle should spin and pull the ball up the ramp and onto the top of the robot.