Mentor Spotlight on Denis Bonifert


Dennis Bonifert

Mr. Bonifert is a retired machinist and helps out in the shop during block days at Nolan.  He is proficient with both mill and lathe work.  He has taught us shop safety, order of operations on a machine, as well as some general common sense in the shop.  He assigned us some projects and a few students machined their names into some aluminum plates.  He is a humorous and brilliant professional that we would love to have around the shop more often.

Mr. Bonifert has personally affected his mentees to work harder denis-bonifertin the shop.  He is a good teacher of machining and a good mentor as well.  He has taught us patience in machining and that we can make anything with just our imagination.

Mr. Bonifert is a member of the Knights of Columbus who recently made a generous donation of $500.00 to the Robo Vikes.  He is a very outgoing and he encourages us to work in the shop more safely and more efficiently.  Under his influence we have become more productive and focused while in the shop.  Mr. Bonifert is not only a great man but also a good friend and we would love for him to be around for seasons to come.


By Will Jarzombek