The Road to FTC


We, Team 10443, have made lots of progress from the start of the year working on our FTC robot.  Our robot is designed for the First Tech Challenge season 2016-2017 game, the “Vortex Velocity” game. The game uses hoops, goals, and colored balls for scoring, as well as areas on the game field that the robots change to their team color for more points. There is both a manual and autonomous game mode, in which the robot is controlled either remotely or by being preprogrammed.

The robot is created by many smaller teams within our team. The CAD (Computer Aided Design) team creates a model of the robot with all of the parts on the computer so that the team that creates the parts can produce them with the robot shape already planned out, and the assembly team puts those parts together. The CAD team’s model also helps troubleshoot and know the right dimensions for the parts before they are made. After that, the programming team programs the robots so that the parts can function as designed. The business team helps get our name out to sponsors who donate money and other services to us in exchange for advertising.

Though we ran into many difficulties along the way, we strived to overcome them, whether that may be mechanical or programming issues. The most difficult parts of the robot have proved to be programming and designing the ramp. The frame wasn’t too difficult to make, but we ran into many software issues and missed a competition due to the fact that we couldn’t get it to drive. The ramp was hard to get perfect tojoey-3 lead the ball into the desired location.  Stay tuned as we prepare for our next competition on January 14th!