Introducing the Robo Vikes Leadership for the 2016-17 Season

img_6798The top three positions on our team were recently assigned to dedicated and hardworking members of our team that exemplify the qualities of a leader.  First, Matthew Ross has been named Head of Business.  He will oversee all of our fundraising, outreach, award applications, and marketing.  He is no stranger to this field.  He was our outreach manager last year and has been working hard on organizing our finances and expanding this branch of the team.  He is more than qualified and will do an excellent job.img_0294

David Yokell has been named Robot Lead.  This entails everything needed to design and build our robot, both hardware and software.  David has been on the team for 4 years and is the perfect fit for this job.  He has extensive knowledge in fabrication, design, and control systems.  He is the mastermind behind the demobot design and has helped in many projects during his 4 years with the team.  He has had a positive impact on this team and will have an even bigger impact in this positionimg_7064.

Alejandro Araujo was named president of the team.  His job includes overseeing operations in both the robot and business branches.  Alejandro has been on the team for 3 years and served as president of the FTC team last year.  He has experience in both departments and enjoys working in each of them.  What he enjoys most is not just building the robot, but the people he gets to do it with.  One of his favorite things to do to show his appreciation to his teammates for their handwork and to celebrate their successes is bring Mexican Coca Colas for the entire team.

Alejandro tells us, “I know it is cliche to say what a great team a person has.  But in my case it is very true.  We have a great group of talented, hard-working and caring individuals.  But they are special because of the teamwork.  There is no selfishness and that is such a rare quality in such gifted individuals.  If I ever had to go into battle these are the people that I would want to take with me.”

The future looks bright for this team under the direction of these three and the great team we have.