First Robotics Competition STEAMworks

The video for the First Robotics Competition game called Steamworks was released Saturday January 7. The robotics team at Nolan spent all day studying the objectives of the game and the rules that come with it. Let’s take a quick look at this year’s game Steamworks.

Two alliances each with three teams face off against each other in this year’s game. The game starts with each team’s robot touching their alliance’s wall. Each team may preload their robot with up to ten fuel represented by small green balls and one large gear. Robots operate autonomously for the first 15 seconds of the game. Robots may shoot fuel into the high goal and low goal of their boiler to build up steam. Steam is built faster if fuel is shot into the high goal. Steam that is built earns the team points and once the boiler is filled additional points are awarded.


Robots may deliver gears to their alliances airship. Team members on the airship may take the gears using a lift and place them on a gear train. Once enough gears are in place the player may turn the gears to spin a rotor and once the rotor is spinning points are awarded to the team. There are four rotors located on the airship and each one requires more gears than the one before it. Once all of the rotors are spinning additional points are awarded. Also during the autonomous period robots may cross there baseline to earn more points.


The next period of the game is teleoperated where players take control of their robot for the final 2 minutes and 15 seconds of the game. Robots can collect fuel from the hoppers that hold 100 fuel located around the field.Robots can continue to shoot fuel into the boiler and deliver gears to the airship to keep earning points. For the final 30 seconds of the match robots can climb up a rope hanging from the airship and stay there until the game is over to gain additional points.