Grayson Hutka


Grayson Hutka is in his first year on the Robo Vikes but has engineering experience at Nolan because he took the Intro to Engineering class last year taught by Mr. Depta.  Grayson joined the robotics program because he wanted to learn about the design, build, and test phases it takes in building a robot. He wanted to become familiar with the machines used and to understand engineering better. Because he wants to study engineering in college, he felt the Robo Vikes would set a solid foundation from which he could build upon and improve his skills in the future. Grayson is looking to study Aerospace Engineering at either Texas A&M or the University of Texas. Grayson’s one regret is not joining the team sooner but he looks forward to bringing more championship banners to the engineering classroom.

Grayson’s main role on the team is fabrication and assembly when the design is finished.  Grayson came into the program with little experience with machines and is now one of the lead machinists.  The machine he utilizes the most is the lathe. Grayson is looking forward to his first competition and says, “I also look forward to winning it! :)”.  Grayson has a very busy schedule because he participates in a lot of extracurricular activities: football, baseball, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Ambassadors, and robotics. He says it’s hard to manage his time but he would never want to give any of these activities up. He says all the struggles of managing his time is a crucial skill being part of the team contributes to.