FRC Kickoff at Nolan Catholic High School

On Saturday, January 7, 2017  the Robo Vikes and Nolan Catholic High School were very excited and honored to host the First Robotics Competition (FRC) Kickoff. Teams from all over the metroplex and as far as Waco attended this much awaited competition reveal. Mouser Electronics sponsored breakfast provided by Danielita’s Mexican Restaurant.  The anticipation built as teams filled the arena to watch the worldwide competition reveal. All teams across the United States watched the reveal simultaneously through the FRC webcast.  The teams are allotted the same amount of time to build their robot.

This year’s game challenge is called STEAMworks. Teams were allowed to see the video of the game floor and what the robots will be expected to accomplish.  The different teams were amazed with this year’s gamefloor. Team robots will have to collect gears and fuel and then move them to the proper areas to make rotors turn. The teams will have to shoot the fuel into the boilers. There are two goals a low and high goal.  The harder the delivery area the more points a team can receive. The top goal in the boiler  is worth two thirds more  than the easier low goal. Teams can receive more fuel by emptying the hopper into their robot’s storage area.  This will give each team the  chance to collect a total of one hundred fuel sources which is eleven points with an extra fuel if placed in the lower goal. The robot has to have enough fuel to get the rotors turning at the end of the match. If all fuel sources make it in the top goal the points will triple to thirty-three points.  When robots deliver gears using a lift,  the team’s pilot will then place the gears in the correct spots. Once all of the gears are connected and turning the team will receive extra points. In the last thirty seconds of the match, the pilots are allowed to drop down a rope for the  robots can climb. At the top of the rope is a button that will signify that the team has completed its task. Once the robot  has climbed the rope and is touching the button the light will come on and the team will receive an extra forty points at the end of the game match. At the end of the game teams will have to have all the rotors turning to get maximum points.

The teams that attended the kickoff received game pieces and game manuals that will allow them to start working on their robots. Immediately the teams started reviewing the information and parts that were provided. Our team started working on our strategy for the game. Almost fifty Robo Vikes were in attendance to help strategize for this year’s competition robot.  All of the teams that attended the kickoff at Nolan were very excited to hear and learn about the new FRC game this year.