Mike Crance Mentor Spotlight



Mike Crance, FIRST alumni and Robo Vikes mentor, has racked up an 11 year streak with FIRST. Mike spent his senior year with team 1730, and spent 7 years mentoring them after graduating. However, he now helps mentor the Robo Vikes and has spent 3 long years with us after being introduced by colleague and FIRST alumni, Kevin LaPerriere. Mike believes his favorite moment with the team so far to be watching the 2016 Idaho Regional’s Chairman’s Award presentation.

Mike graduated with a degree in engineering and specializes in aerospace and mechanical engineering. He is very generous with his time and has spent countless evenings mentoring the Robo Vikes over the vast subjects of design, physics, shop, Chairman’s, and outreach. Mike has led the end of the season evaluation sessions which allowed the students to recap the season and set goals for the upcoming season.  Mike enjoys watching shooting sports and football. He is specifically fond of the Kansas City Chiefs.kingston-1

Mike has attended many robotics competitions and says, “They are awesome, you must go to one to understand the awesomeness.” When asked what he would say to others about the Robo Vikes, he responded, “You should do it. It will enrich your life as well as others’.” It is quite easy to see how Mike quickly won over the students respect with his ability to challenge them to succeed and to efficiently design a robot. Let’s hope Mike stays around for numerous seasons in the future.