Meadows Analysis & Design


Marc Meadows

Meadows Analysis & Design is a mechanical engineering company founded by Marc Meadows, father of Nolan sophomore Coleman Meadows. Mr. Meadows founded the company to provide custom mechanical engineering services for companies including Lockheed Martin and ThyssenKrupp. Companies that Meadows Analysis & Design helps are involved in various industries such as oil, gas, airline, food, construction, manufacturing, and more. Meadows Analysis & Design has a customer-oriented approach to their work. Much like how the Robo Vikes collaborate with each other to share and combine ideas, Meadows Analysis & Design have a consultation with each of their clients before they begin working on a project.

In our meeting with Mr. Meadows on 20 January, Robo Vikes Alejandro Araujo, Matthew Ross, Julia Murray, and Victoria Benkowski gave our marketing presentation. Mr. Meadows was very interested by the diversity of the team because people of all grades and extracurricular activities are able to get involved. After the presentation, Mr. Meadows said we could expect a contribution of some sort, whether it be mentor time or money. We also exchanged stories of determination and teamwork. Matthew Ross explained the time he and others took out a seat in the back of a school bus to fit a robot inside, and Mr. Meadows told us about his company’s recent project at the Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium where they helped to design and install the Panasonic videoboard. One week later, the Robo Vikes received a five-hundred dollar donation!  Thank you!  The Robo Vikes look forward to building a lasting relationship with Meadows Analysis & Design.

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