A Note from the Doctor

We are still in the throws of the FRC build season.  Some of our local FLL teams have had significant successes lately.

The FTC team competed in its last meet of the year. We’ve been fund raising more than ever.  The Chairman’s Award Committee is wrapping up, and our spirit gear is on order.  Whew!dsc_6609

I just returned form our FTC League Tournament held at Summit International Preparatorydsc_6591 Academy.  It was the culmination of 5 months of design and building.  This year’s competition season, Velocity Vortex, started with a kickoff that we hosted back in September. We attended competitions each month: November, December, and two in January.  Wow!  The team did a great job progressing and learning each time we competed. Way to go Joey, this year’s FTC president!dsc_6579

I reflect on the progression of our program from a meager club to a goliath team.  When I started teaching at Nolan, about 14 years ago, we had an Engineering Club with 5 or 6 students who met once a month to work on projects.  We regularly  attended local competitions including the Winston Science Competition, the UNT Physics Olympics, and the TCU Physics Olympics.  Now, we have over 50 students working nearly every day and spending thousands of hours building robots and competing all over the country.

The build team is working on having four different robots operational soon.  The DemoBot, the original 2012 drive train, the Aerial Assist Robot, and the current Robot.  (We are wondering what to name the current robot.  We are open to your suggestions.  In fact, click here for a contest to name the robot.