Drive-train and other Project construction


In our FIRST Robotics Competition current project, we have designed and built a rough draft of our drive-train. We have opted for a Mecanum drive which will allow us to maneuver the robot easily in small areas. With our first draft of the build we came across a few problems concerning the measurements of frame pieces and joints. We plan on easily mending the situation by creating a new frame without joints and welding the frame with butt joints instead.

We have also prototyped a receiver for the game’s gear pieces and are currently testing its ability to load and unload the game pieces properly and consistently. Our team is also working hard on a winch to lift our robot onto the flying machine. So far we have not had too much success on a sufficient amount of weight lifted; however, we have come up with a recent design that should give us the ability to easily lift our robot off the ground.

In our programming department, our team has already coded the movements of the robot and we are currently working on the robot’s vision-tracking ability. If we are successful in this task, this will be the first year to have our robot work with a vision-tracking system.

eryk-2                eryk-1