FTC: That’s a wrap!

bates-3-ftc      bates-4-ftc

This year was Team 4206’s last year for FTC. Our final competition was hosted at Summit International Preparatory, last Saturday on January 28th. The team won three out of the five matches we participated in, and the team was so excited! It’s hard to say who was the most excited about this regional’s results. Dr. Sheer and Joey Bickett were ecstatic this Monday after the competition! They had great, big smiles on their faces and the looks on their faces were the what we hope every RoboVike looks like while creating the robots and competing in the competitions. Sadly, we will no longer be competing in the FTC competitions next year due to the unfortunate withdrawal circumstances, but that only gives us the ability to focus our energy and enthusiasm on the competition we’ve worked all year for, FRC. (100) The team is now focusing on making a new marketing robot with a similar but enhanced design compared to the FTC robot. The excitement lives on through this new project. This year was a great year in our FTC competition, an amazing end to the final year, and it’s a year we’ll never forget.
bates-1-ftc           bates-2-ftc