New Marketing Materials!

The recent marketing pamphlet is new and improved. It showcases a brief description of Team 4206 and what we do in our different levels of student programs. Our past marketing materials sponsored our team and gave us publicity. This new pamphlet is much more sophisticated and features a more modern design. 

The pamphlet consists of our mission statement, a small paragraph about us, marketing graph and a few brief descriptions about some of the branches of the team. The purpose is to appeal to new and old sponsors in a revamped way while introducing ourselves to possible future members. The branches enclosed in the pamphlet are the marketing team, the CAD team and the fabrication team, which are all student-lead. The marketing team connects with  other schools and sponsors. The CAD team digitally designs parts and brings them to the fabrication team who builds the pieces. The combination of these teams presents RoboVikes as a family unit, working together to accomplish a common goal: building a robot.

By: img_0688Danielle Franzenimg_0689