Precision Machining for Our Robot


Occasionally, while constructing our robots, we are unable to cut the necessary precise pieces so we use Computer Numerical Control (CNC) mill to assemble the various parts. This year, we had a few essential parts that required accuracy: gearbox mounting plates and stock metal with precision-drilled holes. Horizon Tech Industries, a local machine shop, did a fantastic job quickly manufacturing the plates so we could get them on the robot and start driving. To successfully mount our climbing mechanism, we needed two parts with a few precision holes to anchor everything together. Again, we took the massive pieces of stock metal to Horizon Tech and waited for the final product.


Unfortunately, Horizon Tech was extremely busy and unable to make the holes, but they fulfilled our request by asking a nearby friend, LTT’s Machine Shop, to complete the pieces. The two pieces are seen below:


We greatly appreciate both companies’ generosity and dedicated performance and look forward to working with them more in the future.