Build Team Progress

dsc_0356A few weeks ago, we sent our final robot frame to J.A.C. Welding and Fabrication. Since receiving their final product, we have completed the drive train and much of the robot’s components, including the gear collector. The funnel construction is completed  and will soon be on the robot for final testing. The climbing mechanism has been completed and tested as well which unfortunately failed when the output shaft sheared on the last night of build season. Thankfully, we were able to fix this problem in the practice run. Currently, the robot has been bagged and tagged. We then finished a prototype for our shooter and plan to test and redesign as needed until we reach a final layout for the competition at the Dallas regional. Although build season is over, we will continue to work on the practice robot and other prototypes allowed outside of build season. We are still in the process of assembling the practice bot and other competition details such as pit layout, spare parts, and a spare climber and gear hopper.