Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Thursday, February 23 was an exciting day for the RoboVikes. Last week, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History hosted an event day in honor of Engineers’ Week, where engineering companies like Mouser, and groups like the RoboVikes, set up booths. RoboVikes has had a booth for the last 4 years, and we were excited when the opportunity was extended to us again this year. Around 9 in the morning, Dr. Scheer, Mr. Araujo, and a few RoboVikes headed straight to the museum. We brought a large amount of claw arms for the kids, as well as the demobot and our competition robot. The latter we could not turn on, due to the previous bag-and-tag , but we were able to drive the demobot around, prior to a gearbox failure that occurred later on in the day. We were kept fairly busy throughout the day entertaining many children and interested observers but our different shifts gave us time to enjoy the museum exhibits.
img_1432Around noon we enjoyed lunch at a nearby taco shop, Taco Heads, and resumed our watch over the booth. The most notable part of trip was the tireless work of James Lovering with the kids. He spent the majority of the day working with the cranes, even encouraging the children to lift more. His patience with and dedication to even the most challenging participants was heartwarming and impressive.

img_1430On another note, I myself talked to several people wanting to start, and others who currently had, FLL teams. Hopefully, they will contact us in the future for mentoring possibilities.

At the end of the day, it was extremely successful. The RoboVikes have spread our usual good will, and (possibly) made some new contacts.  20170223_1541361