Pre Bag Day at Jesuit


dsc_0350 On February 18th, a group of students took the newly constructed robot, “The Game” , to Jesuit for a practice run. Along with fifteen to twenty other teams, we organized at our designated pits as if in the real game. Once we were ready, each team’s robot was inspected. “The Game” had a few issue but fortunately passed the initial test. Allen Gregory, our helpful friend at Spectrum, gave us plenty of advice for our robot that we will  bring to the real competition. Passing inspection was exciting but the real fun came in the practicing field. From this friendly competition, we managed to learn not only our strengths, but also our weaknesses which will help us optimize “The Game’s” performance. The team met many other helpful groups especially Spectrum who advanced our progress on producing an effective shooter. Our team is greatly appreciative for all of the teams that helped us with learning and enhancing  to win. our robot. We are definitely entering the competition with a greater understanding of our opponents and what it takes to win.dsc_0369