Presentation Robot


Joey Bickett, Brennan Chan, and I have been working on the presentation robot for Team 4206. The goals of this robot’s construction are to show our accomplishments as a team and give us an air of professionalism. The purpose is to encourage grade schools to join the team and to persuade companies to donate to our cause. Along with parts from the old First Tech Challenge (FTC) robot, the new design uses four omni wheels to make up an omnidirectional drivetrain which implements front to back movement and left to right strafing. It has a small cube-like shape, roughly 17 by 17 inches, and is made of aluminum, Lexan plastic. The first layer is made of Lexan and contains all the wires and modules that control the motors. The top (second layer), made of aluminum supported by small metal rods, will contain either a launcher or a sign that moves vertically. We are currently improving the safety of the motor. Our design is seen above and below.