Onward to the World Championship!!!

As many people know, we (the Robo Vikes) competed in the FIRST Robotics Competition Dallas Regional in Irving. Competing against 53 other teams is not easy, and requires numerous skills and a healthy dose of luck to win…

And the Robo Vikes won with flying colors!!!

Winning Alliance Captain posing on the field-2

Now, the Robo Vikes qualify to compete at the World Championships in Houston, TX on April 19-22. The Robo Vikes will be competing against hundreds of other teams in order to win the title of champions!

But if you thought that was the end, think again! Due to many new teams joining, FIRST split the championships into 12 divisions: 6 in Houston and 6 in St. Louis. The winning FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Robotics Competition Alliances from both Championship events will meet in a competition titled “The FIRST Festival of Champions”. This exciting event will take place on July 29, in New Hampshire (the birthplace) to decide the true world champion.

FIRST Festival of Champions

For more information on The FIRST Festival of Champions click here.