Upgrades to the DemoBot



Towards the start of the FRC Season, the team had to focus more on the FRC Robot and so Demobot was put on the shelf. Demobot was the first semester presentation project at the Southwest Airlines’ Halloween Party. Rather than let it collect dust, the team decided to upgrade its core elements, like the original gearboxes and electronics tray. The original gearboxes were not functioning properly due to a miscalculation in the gear setup. However, learning from our mistakes, we successfully outfitted Demobot with a new set of gearboxes that resulted in a much smoother drive. The electronics tray was also fixed and replaced with a sturdier, more level platform that holds all the electronics for Demobot. This project was the team’s first success of the 2016-2017 season because it provided everyone with a vision of the real FRC build season.