Improvements Since Dallas

Roddy 3

Ever since our victory at the Dallas regional, the Robo Vikes have worked tirelessly to make improvements to the robot for the upcoming competition in San Antonio.  In the time between the Dallas regional and now, the team has made multiple improvements. First on the list was to fix the climber. Previously before we bagged the robot up or made final adjustments the climber on top of the robot broke, leading to late night work from students. Unfortunately, the climber failed to meet its intended purpose and suffered when being pulled up the rope.  Once back from the competition the climber was fixed and improved to prevent future malfunctions.  Item number two was to create an active feeder mechanism which would allow the robot to pick up gears off the ground and from the station to increase our gear intake Roddy 1.  The team is constantly exploring other aspects of the robot such as programming and the competitions have taught us unmeasurable skills. The RoboVikes will conquer again.