Dallas Regional Win

As we won qualifying matches at the Dallas Regional on Friday March 7th, we quickly realized that we would be a top competitor. Throughout the day, we won five of our qualifying matches and tied one. We ranked second by Saturday. By the end of Saturday,  we were ranked fourth with a record of six wins, one loss, and one tie. We then proceeded into alliance selections as the number four Alliance Captain, and scored two amazing partners for our elimination rounds. We held a short strategy meeting with our partner teams 2468 and 5417 where we were blessed with insights from Norm Morgan, a well known mentor of Team 2468. With his help, we developed a strategy which we repeated throughout all of our elimination matches to win. We fought hard through our quarterfinal rounds, enduring a tie breaker before we won. We proceeded to the semifinal matches where we had a few close calls but won both matches, placing us against the number one alliance in the finals. We won the first finals match by a close margin, narrowly beating our opponents through our alliance’s amazing speed and defense. The second match almost backfired, with us and 2468 both undergoing brutal power losses during the match, severely reducing our performance. However, we victoriously won by a single climb. With our hearts racing amidst thundering cheers, we  won the final match, making us regional winners. yay_8We had just fought a hard-earned battle. It would not have been possible without the help of every team member: past and present, sponsors, parents, and mentors, as well as our alliance members. The hard work and dedication of everyone involved lead to our success. In all, we had a fantastic time at Dallas, increased our knowledge and victoriously conquered in true Viking fashion. We now hope to make a repeat win in San Antonio in April.Image uploaded from iOS (1)Image uploaded from iOS (2)