The Robo Vikes compete at the Alamo Regional First Robotics Competition in San Antonio

cc 1The Robo Vikes team 4206 had a great competition. The team faced many difficulties but pushed through until the end. On Wednesday, our team 4206 went to compete at the Alamo Regional First Robotics Competition. We were so excited and honored to compete with and against teams from all over the nation. These competitions are designed to help facilitate the core values of First Robotics: gracious professionalism and coopertition.  All present teams showed these values during and after each match. 

Our team was just one out of fifty.  From the start, our simple, yet sleek design performed incomparably better than the other competing teams. Our robot started scoring gears from the start with an average of seven to eight gears a match while other teams would average three to four gears a match. Our great accomplishments and hard work carried us into the finals.

In the quarterfinals, we earned  four hundred twenty-five points to three hundred five points, one of the greatest accomplishments. Team 4206 earned additional points by securing their rotors’ spin. Sadly, our alliance was disqualified because one of the robots  did not climb, failing to push the sensored light on the flight deck. Due to the disqualification, we had to win two more matches.  We won the quarterfinals and moved to the semi finals.

In the semifinals, we lost one match and won our other two, sending us to the finals. During the matches, the robot is subject to wear and tear.  In the second match of the semifinals, the axle broke on one of the wheels We quickly fixed it and entered our final match with guns blazing and engines racing.  The Robo Vikes did very well during the final match. The teams were neck to neck. Unfortunately, we received a foul, granting the other alliance 25 points. Our alliance earned second place and we earned a wild card due to our Dallas Regional win and placement in the Finals.  The Robo Vikes selected one of our alliance teammates, 5572, to receive the bid to Worlds.  The Finals Champion also won a wildcard and gave it to our other alliance member team 5960. All of the first place and second place alliance teams will compete in Houston at Worlds.
During the award ceremony the Robo Vikes received the award for Excellence in Engineering.  Our team won this award for having an elegant and adventurous robot with bracketed motors and two gear feeders, one active and passive. We also received medals for placing second in the finals.

Our accomplishments are a blessing. FRC is truly a team sport where all members make a difference. We were honored to compete against so many intelligent and compassionate robotics teams from all over the world!