2468 and 5417 Alliance Partners

FIRST Robotics competitions are organized as qualifying rounds and then playoffs.

During qualifying each team is randomly put on a 3 team alliance and that alliance plays others to try and reach the playoff round. At the Dallas Regional the RoboVikes were ranked 4th at the end of the qualifying rounds. All teams ranked 1-8 earn the right to be alliance captains and pick other teams to be on their 3 team alliance. The selections are made based on scouting during the qualifying rounds to determine which teams best complement the skills of the alliance captain. The playoffs consist of quarter-final, semi-final and final rounds. The RoboVikes selected team 2468 Team Appreciate as their first alliance partner and for their second pick they chose team 5417 Eagle Robotics. All three team were excited to work together to make it to the finals.

Team 2468 adequately scored gears and steadily climbed while 5417 scored several gears, played intense defense, and climbed consistently as well. After the selection was made the three scouting captain decided for the teams to meet at the RoboVikes pit to consider possible strategies. Coaches, mentors, and students shared ideas and discussed the best way to approach opposing teams and came up with a stellar strategy. The teams executed this strategy with precision while changing it to best counteract each new opposing alliance. Together the alliance made it to the finals and won the Dallas Regional. Everyone in the three teams helped each other in various ways such as perfecting code for autonomous, sharing tools, and lending hands when needed, etc. Throughout the matches the three teams supported each other in the stands. It was an exciting and fun experience to bond with other teams while trying to reach a common goal. After all the matches were over, the award ceremony began and we enjoyed our victory together after receiving our medals by making a tunnel for the other teams and their members. Despite winning medals, our experience of working with other dedicated teams was the true prize. After all, “the joy is in the journey.”