The Robo Vikes Visit Texas A&M

2017-04-19 RV tour A&M (2)On their way to the World  Championships in Houston, the Robo Vikes made a quick stop at College Station to tour Texas A&M University.  They received a tour of the campus and its facilities and also received a history lesson on some of A&M’s oldest traditions.  In addition to that, they visited the Texas A&M robotics lab.  The Robo Vikes received a tour and had the opportunity to talk to graduate students about their recent work. The projects they were working on involved coming up with practical solutions through the use of robots to real world problems, many of which involved disaster relief.   The robots in the lab ranged from land vehicles to air drones to even robotic boats to save people in danger of drowning.  They explained in detail to the team all the problems that their robots were solving.  A lot of the work they did was more on the software of the robots, rather than the mechanics.  This was very interesting.  Many of the Robo Vikes are involved with the mechanics of the robot and rarely get to interact or learn about the programming side of the robot.  It was great exposure to learn the many capabilities of some complex code.  The Robo Vikes were able to drive some of the A&M robots and learn more about one of the problems they were solving.  Special thanks to Mrs. Fitzgibbon to setting this tour up!