Member Spotlight: Victoria Benkowski

Victoria Benkowski is a highly talented and dedicated member of the Robo Vikes. A very good friend has described Victoria as an “adventurous” person. Another close friend described Victoria as a “hard working person who is also determined not only to have fun, but to make sure the team is successful.” Successful accurately characterizes the Robo Vikes overall year: 2017 Dallas Regional Champions, participants in the Alamo Regional and competitors in the World Championship. Victoria attended these competitions and described her experience as awesome. She was an active asset to the everyone as she was often found interacting with other teams, taking iconic pictures, and aiding other teammates when needed. On top of her tireless dedication to the overall team, Victoria was highly active in the media aspect. She played a major role in the making of the Chairman’s Award, not only by presenting it, but also by producing the video for it. Victoria, an avid photographer, has produced many marvelous photographs and videos and contributes to the team by sharing this talent. Her creativity shines through all her actions and she is always willing to help others. On her experience throughout this robotics season, Miss Benkowski said, “It was so cool to see all our hard work throughout the season pay off and all of us rally and come together both as a team and as friends.”