Robo Vike Seniors

As we near the end of our extremely successful season we must prepare to say, “farewell” to the many seniors who brought us so much of this success.


David Yokell will definitely be missed. He has been a Robo Vike all four of his years at Nolan. He served as the Safety Captain during his sophomore year. This year he was the Robot Fabrication Lead Engineer responsible for CAD and he was also a member of the drive team. David plans to attend Missouri S&T where he will study mechanical engineering.  David’s calm demeanor had a positive effect on the RoboVikes.
Jack DeRuntz will also be attending Missouri S&T where he will study either computer or mechanical engineering. This was Jack’s first year on the team but he immediately made a strong impact as the person in charge of programming and


James Hill. Alec Austin. Jesus Barragan (junior), Joey Bicket (sophomore), Jack DeRuntz, Alejandro Araujo (junior)

control systems. Jack seemed to have knowledge about every part of the robot and was always a calm and positive presence. He was an excellent driver which was key to the team’s success in competition. Together, Jack and David had the best understanding of the design and workings of the robot from a systems engineering point of view.




Eryk Ross will be attending Catholic University in Washington D.C where he will be studying mechanical engineering.  This is his third year with the Robo Vikes. He got his


Eryk Ross

feet wet as a sophomore, but became a major contributor his junior year working on the FTC team. This year Eryk was one of the two most reliable fabricators with skills in milling and on the lathe. He was the pilot on the drive team in San Antonio and at the World Championship in Houston.


Alec Austin will be attending Drake University and studying engineering. Last year he was a key member of the FTC team. This year he and Eryk helped mentor younger students in using the mill and with skills in assembly. He was the pilot on the drive team in Dallas.


Ryon Ruffner

Ryon Ruffner will be attending Texas A&M University where he will study engineering. This is his second year with the Robo Vikes. Ryon loves to weld
and has been key in the development of our team’s welding skills. He also contributed with fabrication on the mill and lathe and with assembly. Ryon was in charge of the Pit Crew at all of our competitions.




Eryk Ross, David Yokell, Jack DeRuntz, Michael Gnatovic, Ryon Ruffner, Ian Burns

Other key contributors were Michael Gnatovic (who will attend the University of Utah), Grayson Hutka (University of Texas), Ian Burns (UTA), Cabe Glaze (University of Oklahoma), Kinston Chung (UTA), and Alec Castiglione (Michigan State). Alec coordinated the FLL Qualifying
Meet. Michael, Grayson, Ian, Cabe, Kinston and Alec were all contributors in the fabrication and assembly of the robot. Grayson headed up the building of the battery cart and the robot’s bumpers. James Hill (Southwestern University) and Evan Millender (University of


Danielle Franzen

Oklahoma) were key contributors in editing and putting out our team newsletter each month. Dylan Meynard (TCU) and Chandler Williamson (UTA) were responsible for processing the team’s accounting. Damian Varga (Texas A&M), James Lovering (McPherson University) and Michael Fiore (TCU), who helped with marketing, Danielle Franzen (UTA), who helped with the newsletter and fabrication, Marcos Crane (UTA), who helped with making batteries, and Micah Le (A&M at Blinn-Bryan), who was in charge of shop organization, will be graduating from the Robo Vikes as well. Ermish 2