CNC Router

The Robo Vikes have recently purchased and installed a new Velox CNC router to help in the assembly of parts for the robot greatly. This new machine is made to drill precise holes and lines into sheets of material placed under it.

A CNC router is a Computer Numerical Control Router that cuts out shapes and holes following the directions of the entered code and design. This router will skillfully and effectively cut materials such as aluminum, wood, plastics and especially steel. Production speed for the needed parts of the robot will greatly increase due to the fact that the members will be able to create most robot parts themselves instead of outsourcing them at different companies.

The CNC router is a Veox brand VR-5050 model was paid for by a generous donation from an anonymous donor. Mentor Kevin LaPerriere managed to get the new machine at a discount, and installed most of it with the help of the team over the past couple of weeks. We are very thankful for his time and effort put into this machine that will greatly improve the team as well as impress our donors that helped contribute to the purchase.

Here are some videos of a CNC router in action!