Upcoming Off-Season Events

In preparation for the upcoming season, the Robo Vikes are participating in some off-season events.

Off-season events are similar to the regional competitions, but they are much more relaxed.  They are great opportunities for new members to gain experience and for returning members to hone their skills and become re-accustomed with their technique.

It is still unknown as to what robot the RoboVikes will be using in these competitions.  It could be the famous 2017 robot “The Game”, a modified Demobot, or an entirely new robot.

The team is planning to attend the NTX Tournament of Robots and Robot Remix. The Robo Vikes have never attended the NTX Tournament of Robots and are looking forward to a new and different challenge. This event is in Plano, Texas, October 7th and 8th.

Fortunately, the RoboVikes are no stranger to Robot Remix which is in the Woodlands, Texas, just outside of Houston.  The team has attended this event the past 4 years and even won it last year.

The team is very excited for these upcoming events that will give everyone great experiences to help them work successfully throughout the year.