John Conlin and Julian Ermish, First Year Robo Vikes!

Both in their first year as RoboVikes, John and Julian look for their niche among the team. I asked them some questions to learn more about how they are fitting in as first-years.

First question: “What made you want to join the team?” John replied, “I want to become an engineer.” John works hard daily to fulfill his goal and knows what it takes to get there. Julian said: “I wanted to learn about robotics and engineering.” Julian is very observant and curious, great traits to have as a Robo Vike.

The next two questions were very similar, “How useful are you?” and, “What do you do on the team?” John came back with a very well-rounded response: “I am very useful when it comes to marketing and pneumatics. For what I do, I recruit people to join (mostly his own friends), make marketing presentations, and as of right now, I am helping complete the t-shirt cannon. Julian said that he helps “find things”, during competitions: “I do field reset.”

Final question: “What do you like about the team?” John says, “I love that we learn about engineering and my friends on the team.” Julian says, “I like learning about about robots.” Learning is an important goal of the Robo Vikes, and even as a first-year member you can learn a lot!