West Monroe Donor Spotlight

West Monroe is a business and technology consulting company. Peter Todd, the father of team member Christian Todd, is a health care consultant there. Most of the technology consultants at this company have a background in engineering, which helped motivate them to set up a meeting with us and hopefully donate to us. This company serves clients from all over the world such as companies  from Europe and Latin America. The consultants are role models for us and an inspiration to aspire for greatness in our future projects.

When we arrived at the meeting, the office was extremely professional. We stood in awe, then went into the conference room. There were only a few people at first, but before long it felt like the entire branch came to watch our presentation.

During our presentation we learned that most of the consultants were extremely interested in engineering. They were amazed that we had a CNC router and knew how to properly use it. The consultants were extremely interested in our program as shown by their numerous questions about our projects and how we accomplish them.

Due to their interest in our program we are hoping to recieve a donation from them. We will always appreciate the experience and the knowledge that an engineering background opens many careers beyond the engineering field itself.