Mark Stranczek: Mentor

Mark Stranczek is a kind man who became a Robo Vike mentor two years ago so he could help his son who’d just joined the robotics team.

Mr. Stranczek develops commercial and industrial lighting. He chose this career because he started in product development in consumer lighting, which evolved into his current job.

He enjoys being a mentor, helping the students with woodwork and how to use tools safely. The thing he likes most about being a mentor is helping the kids, watching them learn and solve problems. He believes that working with the team has made him a better person by learning to work with different kinds of kids.

The students think he is a great mentor. Christina Cross says he is always helpful, he knows how to use all the tools, and he reminds us to be safe. Nate Schmidt says he explains how to do things really well and is really careful on how to explain certain tools. Will Bice says he knows a lot about machines and how to take care of them. Alejandro Araujo says he’s helpful in the shop and he helps simplify our problems.

The Robo Vikes thank you, Mr. Stranczek!